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So you might be thinking, what does a PlayStation three game console, have to do with healing, and success?


A lot actually, it might sound strange, but with healing, and success, the route to this goal, can be even more bizarre.


Say, you hold a negative view of video gaming, what is this negativity doing?


Its manifesting suffering, and hardship, into your life, and hurting you also, at the subconscious level.


Say, you played a PlayStation three console, growing up, with a toxic family, or in stressful situations previously. What is this doing?


The energy blocks, are manifesting suffering, and hardship, into your life, and hurting you also, at the subconscious level.


What happens until you resolve, and heal fully, the pain associated with this situation?


It is manifesting you, problems, hardships, and hurt, and lowering your self-esteem.


See with self-esteem; it’s like a bowl. The drier the bowl becomes, the lower your self-esteem becomes, and the harder life becomes. The opposite in this situation, is the more negative situations, you resolve permanently, the more full the bowl becomes.  Which means, the higher your self-esteem becomes, the more relaxed you become, and the better, the situations, that enter your life.


People are reading this website, who had abusive childhoods, or just unpleasantness. These people, also used a PlayStation 3, or other games consoles, at the same time. As a result of this situation, what occurred is, you stored pain within. The pain stored within, as a result of this situation, will keep causing problems, until the painful situations, associated with the pain, are permanently resolved.


I did not have, the best start to life. In fact, I had one of the very hardest starts to life, that could possibly, have occurred. Yet despite, the hardships I went through, I climbed out of hardships. Since then, I have kept climbing the ladder of success.


I am proof; if you are determined enough, you will find a way, to achieve anything, you want to achieve.


Read the below, before you consider this impossible:


There is a restaurant owner, with downs syndrome. The guy did not let downs syndrome, stop him, from succeeding in the restaurant industry. There is a pretty adult female model, with downs syndrome. She did not let, her down syndrome, stop her achieving, as a model. There is, another lady with downs syndrome, who is a fully qualified Zumba dance teacher. She is teaching a class, of fully paying adults, how to enjoy Zumba.


What could you achieve, with enough time, effort, and dedication?


Say, several years ago, you were living with, a toxic family, or in a stressful situation. Now, however, you are in more peaceful situations, or still similar, and you want, to go up the ladder, of success.


What can we do, to improve the situation, that presents here?


Buy a Playstation 3 console, sit down, and play the games, you used to play in toxic situations. Now, however, play the games, you used to play, in peaceful, or more peaceful circumstances.


What will occur, is when you play these games, is that you will feel, the feeling of relief. The relief feeling that you are experiencing is because, you have just changed a negative situation, for the better. You have also, brought more closure, and healing to adverse circumstances. Therefore, you have developed, a more positive mindset, towards the past.


I grew up poor, and therefore, at the time, I could not afford to purchase the PlayStation 3, and play the games; I always wanted to play.


The circumstances related, to the regret, of not playing the games I wanted, on the PlayStation 3, changed, in the middle of 2018. This was when I was finally given, the opportunity, to end this adverse situation, forever. I, therefore, purchased a PlayStation three games console, for the first time. I then, sat down, and played the games, I had always wanted to play.


What did I feel, when I achieved this?


Intense relief, that I could finally end, this negative circumstance forever. Thus, I let go of the negativity within, that had sat there, since 2006-2007 causing me problems, and contributing, to manifesting pain, and hardship, into my life.


I brought closure to a toxic, adverse situation, and I got the healing I needed, to let go of situations related, to this toxic energy block. It felt excellent, to let the negativity go, and thus, the happiness, I felt, was amazing.


I have been working through, and solving, thousands of small adverse situations, and the Playstation Three energy block, was the next issue, that was next on my list to permanently resolve.


I resolved this negative issue, and thus, it has brought me, more peace of mind, and peace of heart.


The outcome has resulted in, me healing more, and manifesting better results, via the law of attraction.


I keep climbing the ladder of success. This is because, I work to resolve all issues, I find in the way, of my continuous climb up the ladder, of success.


To those people reading this article, with negativity, related to a games console, or any area of your life. I wish you the healing; you seek, and the ending of suffering, and hardship. It is one of my goals, to end suicide worldwide, in my lifetime. I will make it happen, even if I have to achieve, the end of suicide on my own.


As I often do, I will leave you, with these words, to ponder,


What will you achieve, in your lifetime? What will be the legacy, you leave, for those who come in the future?


The decision you make is up to you.


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