The No Poo Method

I talk today, about the no poo method.


First, what is the no poo method?


The no poo method, is hair washing with baking soda, as the shampoo, and apple cider vinegar as the conditioner.



It might seem weird, but ask yourself this question, how much do you want financial success in your life?


If you really want to be rich, you will keep reading this article, if you want to be poor ignore this article it is not for you.


The no-poo method, is very financially beneficial, in that you are saving a lot of money, compared to high-end hair products, or any hair products. The money that you save, using the no poo method, can be used in many ways, like to pay off debts, to put more money into financial ventures like stocks, shares, steem etc, that generate dividence, and therefore, free you step by step, from the rat race.


The no-poo method I find most valuable, is 60ml of baking soda to 500ml of water, mix together the baking soda and water, using a plastic container, and pour it over your hair in the shower, or bath, then rinse it out, if you have short hair, or if you have long hair like me, as I am a girl, comb it through, then let it go.


Comb your hair before the next part of this process.


The next part of the no-poo method, is the conditioner mixture part, which is 60ml of apple cider vinegar, to 500ml of water. Mix the apple cider vinegar together, with the water, and pour the mixture, over your head. Then comb, the apple cider vinegar mixture together, into your hair constantly, till all the mixture, is mixed together in your hair, then rinse out the apple cider vinegar, and comb your hair immediately, and brush it again, till it is untangled. Now blow dry your hair, on a low setting to prevent heat damage, or towel dry it, and let it dry naturally, the choice is yours.


The no poo method might sound weird, but its costs a lot less money, buying 5l of apple cider like I do, and 25kg of baking soda like I do, saving a lot in financial expenditure, compared to commercial products, saving me money, I use to buy more steem, and other financial vehicles.


There is no smell of apple cider once, the baking soda, and apple cider vinegar is rinsed out, if your friends laugh at you, for doing this method, replace them as they are not your friend, your personal health, and financial wellbeing are much more important. Do not let insecure shallow minded friends, stop you trying the no-poo method, their insecure behaviour, makes them replaceable, with healthier people anyway.


Make like minded friends, who are into growth and life expansion on all levels, give the finger to those who will not “change” and become happier, wealthier, and more secure, unlike growth friends who will team up alongside you, and fight the same fight with you, the fight to the top of the happiness ladder, as financial success, and a more peaceful inner state and happier people, in your social circle go hand in hand. With success, if you don’t have anyone, to be your healthy friend, fly solo and work on your inner state, to obtain greater peace of mind, till the right friends come along.


I leave you’re a thought to ponder.


What is more important? Financial Success, and happy friendship circles in your network




Keeping insecure people happy, and not going up in life, and becoming fulfilled internally with deep inner peace., thus staying poor, working in the rat race.

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